Heat Transfer Printing, is done by using a heat transfer medium such as heat transfer paper or a vinyl-rubber type material. An image of the artwork is printed on the film side of the heat transfer medium. The image is then heat pressed onto t-shirts and apparel using a special Heat Transfer Printing Machine. The end product will have your customized design transferred on your choice of t-shirt or apparel.

Heat Transfer Mediums

The two common heat transfer mediums:

Inkjet Transfer Paper Vinyl Material (Sometimes also known as printable PU material)

Inkjet Transfer Paper is used for digital heat transfer printing and Vinyl material is used for vinyl heat transfer printing. More details about digital heat transfer printing and vinyl heat transfer printing can be found in the next section below. 

Uses of Heat Transfer Printing

Heat Transfer Printing is a popular choice for customers looking to do class tee printing or cap printing due to easy customization. It has the ability to print colourful designs at a lower cost for smaller quantities, and on many different types of fabrics and materials.

Heat Transfer Printing can be used on a wide range of apparel and merchandise including:








Water Bottles

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