During this pandemic situation of Covid-19, most of us now in singapore are having at least a piece of reusable mask. With the daily usage of mask it is best advisable to wash it daily and keep a well hygiene of the mask.

So, How do you exactly wash the reusable mask?

1) Wash your mask with neutral detergent before wearing.

2) Scrub both outer and inner layers with anti bacterial solution

3) Rinse thoroughly with water

4) Wiring Dry

5) Hang indoors to avoid contact with dust

Care tip:

1) Wash mask as required after use

2) Dry by airing indoor

3) Do not iron or put in dryer

While, all of this does not make your mask to be virus proof. Ultimately, it boils down to your personal hygiene

Currently in the market, there are so many different type of reusable mask for example like those that were given free to each singaporean. But wait a minute, do you really think by wearing “that mask” will give you any of protection against someone sneezing onto you?

When someone sneeze or cough, small particle of saliva splashes out. By wearing those cotton mask most probably you will still be sniffing in the virus.

Singapore Free Mask

And, not forgetting about the poor ventilation with such a tight mask

Well… it’s free right? So we not going to complain

The next question you might ask is….. So how do i choose the right mask?

A most basic function of a mask should at least be water repellent, so that the saliva particle would not be breathe in.

Water repellent mask? Watch the video below and you will understand

Take a closer look on the mask and you will see the nose area of the mask is protruding out like a N95 mask. This gives the nose area a larger area for ventilation breathing.

Here is how you can get one of the Medical Grade Water Repellent Mask! Click here

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