Thanks to the recent innovations, you can print a t-shirt or even mass produce it for a short time.

Heat Transfer Printing and Silkscreen Printing are 2 main printing methods which are mainly used in T-shirt Printing Company in Singapore.

But, how do you know which methods is the suitable for your needs. In this article, you will learn the difference and what makes them special. This difference will help you determine which printing solution is excellent for your Company T-shirt. Both printing methods are perfect, but it will depend with the purpose that you want to achieve.

Silkscreen Printing:

Silkscreen printing involves application of ink-blocking stencil to a nylon mesh or screen. The stencil will have ink, which is in liquid form. You will then take the stencil and transfer it to the fabrics and voila!! you’ve got your own custom t-shirt.

Silkscreen printing doesn’t work in for all designs shirt. Unlike Heat Transfer Printing, screen printing needs more chemical and equipment for it work. It is best for T-shirt printing companies. For screen printing to work, you will need.

· Tape

· Films

· Squeegees

· Scrubbers

· Printers

· Screens

· Plastisol ink


· Screen printing is cost effective if you have large projects, let say like you need to print 1000 units. It doesn’t have any size limitation like Heat Transfer printing.

· Screen printing produce bright fabric with a better soft-feel on the hand. Garments produced through screen print method tend to be durable and can endure roughness from any washing machine.


·Silkscreen Printing is not suitable for printing small orders, if you have a T-shirt printing company, you will see that it is expensive. For that reason, screen printing is best if you are printing more than 100 pieces.

· The limitation I see with screen printing is that it can’t take on complex multi-colored designs. It works with one or two colors in most cases. That explains why you need to take one color per screen.

· If you were to work with several colors, you will need like 20 screens and the machine has to pass through them to get the desired print.

· Screen printing can really delay your turn around time if you are working with complex colors for custom T-shirt.

Heat Transfer Printing
T-shirt Printing companies in Singapore will have invested in a Heat Transfer printing machine which involves pressing your custom t-shirt design into the material by using a heat transfer printing machine.

Before using
Heat Transfer Printing machine reviews to do the heavy lifting, you have to design the artwork first on a piece of paper. Then transfer that piece to your fabric using a Heat Transfer printing machine.
Heat Transfer printing is used to create custom T-shirt designs in many instant t-shirt printing companies in Singapore. There are different kinds of heat transfers printing.

Vinyl heat transfer:
Heat transfer vinyl reviews involves cutting small pieces of shapes or designs then transferring them into your own
best quality T-shirt.
Unlike the
Silkscreen printing method, the vinly heat transfer allows you to print different colors. It is best suited if you want to print your own T-shirt, family design T-shirt or even your company T-shirt.

Digital print heat transfer:

Digital heat transfer printing is printing your custom design on a piece of transfer paper using solvent ink.
In fact, most
t shirt printing companies that are into instant t-shirt printing business are adopting the digital print shirt method.
If you are going to deal with complex color stature, then
heat transfer printing will be ideal for you than screen printing method.


– Unlike screen printing method, heat transfer printing is clean and environmental friendly which Screen printing involves lots of chemical combinations.

– You are want best quality t shirt design because the heat transfer printing uses solvent ink and graphical software packages. This makes work easier and gives you flexibility.

– Unlike screen printing method that utilizes one color, with heat transfer printing method, you can use an array of colors.

Heat transfer printing is affordable and easy to set up. It is good for custom t shirt with no minimum order. It is a printing method that you can print your own t-shirt at home. Silkscreen printing is expensive, and you will need equipment and chemicals which are very costly.


– For mass production of garment, the process is going to be time-consuming.

– Most of the garments produced won’t last long. You won’t be able to lay multiple colors because you t-shirt will feel bulky.


The difference between heat transfer printing and silkscreen printing. Screen printing is old school although better tools and equipment are coming out to help you design the fabrics.

For multi-color designs, heat transfer printing is more recommendable. However, heat transfer printing design are fairly durable.

If your are looking for more quality and long-lasting designs, screen printing is ideal with larger quantity and not sophisticated design.

Thus, before choosing which printing methods, you will have to take into considerations of the quantity, the design and last but not least, your budget.