T-shirt designers will usually get lost as there are many printing methods and different ways to go about it. the technical issues can be very intimidating unless you know what they mean. Below are the four most cost effective t-shirt printing methods and which is the best time to use everyone of them.

Silkscreen printing

Silkscreen printing is the most affordable option corporate with large orders, silkscreen printing is the standard route for t-shirt printing in Singapore. Many companies also use silkscreen printing methods for their corporate T-shirt or events T-shirts. An individual screen is created for each color in your design, then printed one atop the other in this silkscreen process.

Pros: Reliable standard for printing. Affordable and high quality. It is recommended for companies with orders more than 50 pieces.

Cons: New screen required for every new color or design revision (which gets costly). Colorful designs end up being expensive.

Vinyl Heat Transfer Printing

Vinyl heat transfer printing are a form of heated transfer. Vinyl is durable, helping your shirts last longer and safeguarding against fading images, and it also add mores texture to your t-shirts.

Pros: Durable and high quality. Ideal for when you want your design to stand out (literally). The process can be as instant as 1-2 hours for people who are looking for instant printing.

Cons: The more colours, the higher the cost thus complicated designs will get more expensive. Not recommended for large orders.

Direct-to-garment (or print-on-demand)

One of the newest methods for t-shirt printing, DTG printing makes use of inkjets, except they’re applied directly to the t-shirt fabric rather than an Heat transfer paper. Of all the options in this list, DTG printing offering the most details and color options, allowing you to showcase the highest level quality on your cotton canvas.

Pros: Highly customizable designs with maximum detail and extensive color choices.

Cons: Use for very small quantity or perhaps a single sample. The more you’re printing, the less viable it becomes. Take note that it doesn’t work well on dark-colored garments.


Embroidery is one of the highest method to customised your company T-shirt. Although it doesn’t involve any printing, but one company should also take into consideration for the method. Embroidery is the process of stitching thread on to the apparel in detail and can be in multiple colours, it is very durable as thread is directly sewed on apparel. Embroidery can also enable individual to customize personal names at a cost effective method. Hence, providing our company t-shirt with a professional look.

Pros: It is extremely durable and very high quality. Many company choose embroidery as the logo will look sharper. A simple polo t-shirt with a company logo will make the company T-shirts look entirely different and professional.

Cons: It may be too costly if your designs are complicated and you have lesser order of 20 pieces.

When you understand how all the printing methods works, you will be able to understand which T-shirt printing methods work well with your company T-shirt. Thus you can have a better communication between you and your t-shirt printing company, and you will have lesser mistake on your printed t-shirt. If you are still unsure, you can contact us at www.asiat-shirt.com and our dedicated team will assist you.