There are many different types of T-shirt fabric in Singapore. Today we will touched on 3 main t-shirt fabric which is commonly used in T-shirt printing company in Singapore. Firstly when choosing a t-shirt for printing, deciding on the right material to screen print is as important as creating a design.

At Pte Ltd, we have always believed that t-shirts should feel just as good as they look. Thus it is important to understand the pros and cons of each fabric, so that you can find the right balance of comfort, fit and washability for your t-shirt printing project.


Material: a soft natural fiber found in most t-shirts

Cotton is definitely the most common material to find in a t-shirt. It has a nice mix of softness, affordability, and breathability for casual wear. There are also different types of cotton such as combed cotton and organic cotton.One of the biggest downsides to cotton is that it shrinks after the first warm wash. Thus, it is important to ask the t-shirt supplier if the cotton is already pre-shrunk.


Material: a man-made synthetic fiber

Polyester is the go-to choice for many looking for sports apparel. We usually called Dri fit T-shirt.This material is quick-dry, breathable, doesn’t wrinkle easily, and holds it’s shape well when washed. Although it’s a good choice for athletic wear, polyester is usually not as comfortable as cotton material. However, many people still like to use Dri fit t-shirt as their corporate T-shirt or custom their own family T shirt.


Material: usually a 50/50 mix of polyester and cotton, but can vary at 65/35 ratio too

Poly/Cotton combines the best qualities of polyester and cotton into a breathable yet soft shirt. This type of fabric has proven to be a favorite with our customers since it’s super soft but can often be cheaper than 100% cotton. Poly/Cotton blends also tend to hold their shape well compared to other fabrics. It is also suitable for all types of printing methods.


Material: man-made material from a blend of cotton, trees and woody plants

This fabric was first made as a cheaper version of silk and has a very smooth feel to it. Like polyester, rayon is a good material for athletic and outdoor wear because of its lightweight feel. One of the downsides to rayon is that it doesn’t tend to last well over time and can become wrinkled with repeated wears.


Material: a blend of three fabrics, most typically cotton, polyester and rayon

The tri-blend is exactly what you might guess: a hybrid of three different fabrics weaved together. The advantage of a hybrid is that it can adopt some of the best qualities of the other fabrics, like the lightweight feel of rayon but the softness of cotton. We’ve found that tri-blends can offer a really nice balance between style, comfort and durability in t-shirts. Pte Ltd carry mainly this 3 types of material for t shirt printing. If you want something soft and can absorb sweat, it is best to choose cotton round neck t shirt for your custom tee shirt. If you are looking for cheap custom t shirt, then i think drifit t shirt will be more suitable. Lastly, if you are looking print your company t shirt, Poly/Cotton blend is the best choice. It will give a professional look as it holds the shape and dry up faster as compared to 100% cotton. Still don’t know what is suitable for your company t shirt or your custom design t shirt, do look us up on Pte Ltd. We will provide you our best opinion for your t shirt printing.