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AsiaT-Shirt.com Pte Ltd offers wholesale as well as customized T-Shirt design for all your organization, events and class T-shirts in Singapore. We offer a wide range of T-Shirts designs, colours and fabric, which suit your requirement at affordably priced as we import in bulk directly from China, Thailand and Malaysia.

We are a customer oriented organization which emphasize on reliability, competitive prices and good customer service. In Addition, we also provide other services like embroidery, silkscreen, heat transfer printing and T-jet (the latest technology of printing). We guarantee satisfaction with our prompt production and delivery. So, call us now to request for a quotation.

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How Much does customizing of t-shirt cost?

Company may engage t shirt printing services for countless reasons. From company promotions to events, conference, fund raising, team building, and advertising their brand. The one aspect that all these projects share is that they all want a reasonable price. However, since most people do not know what institutes a fair price they end up…

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Learning different types of fabrics

There are many different types of T-shirt fabric in Singapore. Today we will touched on 3 main t-shirt fabric which is commonly used in T-shirt printing company in Singapore. Firstly when choosing a t-shirt for printing, deciding on the right material to screen print is as important as creating a design. At AsiaT-shirt.com Pte Ltd,…

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How to choose your Company T-shirt?

Company t-shirt design isn’t just about knowing what ideas to communicate, but how to communicate them effectively. Start brainstorming your ideas and channeling your creativity with these tips.The more time and effort you put into preparing for this, the better it will be.T-shirt typesYou will firstly need to decide what style of t-shirt to use:…

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Know your printing options for your company T-shirts

T-shirt designers will usually get lost as there are many printing methods and different ways to go about it. the technical issues can be very intimidating unless you know what they mean. Below are the four most cost effective t-shirt printing methods and which is the best time to use everyone of them. Silkscreen printingSilkscreen…

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Marketing your company brand through corporate T shirt

You’ve got the office. You’ve got the website. You even have the legal docs. But everybody knows that you’re not a real company until you have your own company t-shirt. Company tees are a long-standing tradition traced back to 1950s where resorts first experimented with advertising logos on t-shirts, including Walt Disney’s iconic Mickey Mouse. Today,…

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Silkscreen Printing VS Heat Transfer Printing

Thanks to the recent innovations, you can print a t-shirt or even mass produce it for a short time.Heat Transfer Printing and Silkscreen Printing are 2 main printing methods which are mainly used in T-shirt Printing Company in Singapore. But, how do you know which methods is the suitable for your needs. In this article,…

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5 places to get student discount in Singapore

-in-singapore Being a student is never easy, especially when you have to drag yourself out of bed at the crack of dawn to go to school for 8 hours before realising that…there’s quite the limitation to the sort of after-school activities you can do with your friends, because you’ve all got limited budgets.Thankfully, many establishments…

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