T-Shirt Silkscreen Printing Singapore

What is Silkscreen Printing?

Silk Screen Printing, is a printing technique where a mesh is used to transfer ink onto a substrate, except in areas made impermeable to the ink by a blocking stencil. This is one the popular method of t-shirt printing in the printing industry. It is known for its superior printing quality that are durable and the colors will not be washed off. The printing requires the use of block templates to print the t-shirt design, and each color printed requires each individual template. Hence, the start up cost will be higher due to the individual silkscreen block which need to set up.
Since the start up cost is high, then,

why should i chooses silkscreen printing?

In House Silkscreen T-Shirt Printing in Singapore

Durability (Silkscreen Printing)

Although the start up cost is high, but you can rest assured that your image will not come off the t-shirts. That’s also provided that you do not use acidic or very strong detergent to wash your t-shirts, normal laundry detergent is fine. Anyways…… you don’t smell bad!


Value For Money

Not all start up cost are high! Start up cost are high only when you have multiples of colours on your t-shirt. For one colour silkscreen printing on a t-shirt, believe it or not! It could cost less than $5/pcs including printing and the t-shirt. It is extremely affordable t-shirt printing in singapore

Singapore Kindness Movement T-Shirt

Quality (Silkscreen Printing)

Sharp and Detailed printing! Rest assured that silkscreen printing is one of method you can rely on when it comes to the quality and detailed fine printing. Well…. not all t-shirts printer Singapore can do good silkscreen printing. But we are just one of the best doing silkscreen printing in Singapore.

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