T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore

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T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore:

Silkscreen Printing (Popular Choice)

T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore: Best T-shirt Silkscreen Printing in Singapore
Best Silkscreen Printing Services in Singapore

Silkscreen printing is on of most common tee shirt printing services and methods, this method of printing is very durable and will not easily fade off after many repeated washes. However, T- Shirt printing services silkscreen would requires the use of templates blocks to print the t-shirt design, and each colour requires a new template (Block). Hence, the cost of silkscreen printing varies according to the number of colours and size of the image.

Recommended for:

  1. Cost effective for large quantity printing (Min. 25 pcs)
  2. (Class, Corporate, Events) Tee shirt
  3. Long term use

T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore:

Embroidery (Durable Choice)

T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore: Best T-Shirt embroidery services in Singapore
Best Embroidery Services in Singapore

Embroidery is the process of stitching thread on to the apparel in detail and can be in multi colours, it is very durable as thread is directly sewed on apparel. This method also enable individual to customize personal names at a cost effective method.

Embroidery method provide customer apparel with a professional look

Recommended for:

  1. Small logos on left chest
  2. Name on sleeves
  3. Embroidery price will charged based on Logo size and Complexity.

Heat Transfer (Small Quantity Choice)

T-Shirt Printing Services in Singapore: Heat Transfer Printing Services in Singapore
Best Heat Transfer Printing Servics in Singapore

Vinyl Heat Transfer

Recommended for:

  1. Jersey Number
  2. Personalize Name
  3. Simple single colour image
  4. Small Quantity

– Multiple colour in image
– High grade Eco- Sol Max ink which will result in finest printing and prolong durability than others in the market

Full Colour Heat Transfer

Recommended for:

  1. Full image printing
  2. Small quantity
  3. High Resolution image for better quality

 *Not as durable as silkscreen