AsiaT-Shirt Care Guides

Warm Water wash

Use washing net

Do Not Iron on printing image, if needed, Flip the shirt around and iron from the back part

How to wash:
Prepare water with a neutral detergent in the wash tub, and gently wash it with water.
Then rinse with clean water 2-3 times to ensure no detergent remains.
*If detergent remains on the fabric, it may cause stains or changes in texture.
For heavily soiled areas such as the neck and cuffs, use a sponge or cloth with detergent to gently tap it (spot cleaning).

Due to the characteristics of the product, the batting and feathers contain a large amount of water, so please avoid using a domestic washing machine or dryer. There is a risk of damage when using a washing machine.

How to dry:
Please hang in the shade.
If water remains, it may cause odor, so be sure to dry it thoroughly.

Seamless down cleaning:
You can wash with water (wet cleaning) at a laundry service shop.

Please handle “Heat Transfer Printing T-Shirts” by hand washing and natural drying.

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